Dinky-Di Protection

Dinky Di is an advanced protection roll based on a closed cell cross linked foam fused to a strong poly fabric – not harmful to the environment.

Commercial Roll For All Builders and Renovators

Dinky Di Commercial is a superior means of protecting almost anything and any surface. Due to its extreme strength, trafficability and soft non scratch backing. It is an economical roll out protection material that has no equal in terms of its performance and can be in many instances re used.

A unique product specially developed to protect numerous types of membrane systems on horizontal and vertical planes, above or below ground.

Self Adhesive Waterproofing Protection

Knowing that the sheet will not detach from the membrane surface under severe weather conditions, gives peace of mind and assurance. Once installed, you have less chance of your membrane being damaged by following trades or UV exposure due to delays in construction.

NOTE: Application to highly textured surfaces in the vertical plane might not bond successfully. A small trial patch can be applied to ensure proper adhesion. Extreme cold conditions may also affect bonding.

Examples for the use of Dinky Di Commercial:

• Polished Timber Floors.
• Natural Stone Finishes.
• All Tiled Finishes.
• Bench Tops and Vanities.
• New or existing carpet coverings.
• Plus many varied applications.

Protection Roll benefits:

• Fast install over other protection methods; less labour costs.
• Has high abrasion resistance.
• Will not decay or rot.
• Will not expand or distort when exposed to heat or sunlight.
• Dinky Di is UV stable and will protect surfaces for the life of the install.
• Minimum distortion under traffic use.
• Good Impact Resistant.

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